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The United Front.

Forging Players Into Leaders


"I joined in the early days of Gatsby Company when we were less than a dozen members. I had no intention of becoming part of the leadership but I had seen a rare opportunity to get involved in a fast growing and close knit community to a game I had come to love. I brought with me decades of experience in community management, leadership as a veteran, and being in my early 40’s, I had become the patriarchal father figure of the company. Unlike the run-of-the-mill gaming communities, GC builds and fosters leadership. Our structuring allows for us to identify and develop our members into squad leaders in not only the Squad game, but in other MilSim’s and ultimately outside aspects of their life too!"


"When I joined Gatsby Company I was new to PC gaming and squad. The first member I met was the founder Old Sport. My grandfather had passed away days before and Old Sport made me laugh and I felt relaxed for the first time in days. The more our group has grown the more I have grown in leadership and overall skill of the game. I am very thankful for the company and all of the staff in it for what they have done for me both inside and outside of Squad."

Hello Old Sport

"It’s often said that leaders are built, rather than born. While I have made this my mission in founding Gatsby Company, and have seen this goal come to fruition, my own growth has the been the greatest affirmation for our cause. Tracing out the leadership steps that anyone who wants to participate can follow, I went through every stage and scale of leadership, from training the first staff member, to managing a growing team, and I can say that my time in Gatsby Company has been the one of the greatest learning experiences of my life."


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